Shopware Adapter

Informations sur le produit "Shopware Adapter"

The Shopware Adapter module caters to users of AtroCore and AtroPIM and provides essential tools for efficient bidirectional data synchronization with Shopware platforms. Specifically designed to facilitate effective data exchange, this module enhances synchronization by supporting Shopware-specific functionality and providing preconfigured templates to minimize configuration time.

Market Core ERP

Key Features:

  • Simplified synchronization of data between AtroCore/AtroPIM and Shopware platforms.
  • Preconfigured templates to minimize configuration time and effort.
  • Fully automated data synchronization processes, reducing manual intervention.

The Shopware Adapter module requires the Export Feeds: HTTP Request module for its functionality. Additionally, some users may find it beneficial to have the Import Feeds: HTTP Request module to fully leverage the capabilities of the Shopware Adapter module.

Purchasing the Shopware Adapter module does not include configuration services. To configure the module, users need to have the Shopware PIM Connector, which encompasses the connector itself, the Shopware PIM Adapter, and the Export Feeds: HTTP Request module (for exporting data from PIM into Shopware).


Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.


Please contact us, and we will send you the access data for the demo version.