JTL-WaWi PIM Connector

JTL-WaWi PIM Connector integrates the product information management system AtroPIM with your merchandise management system JTL-WaWi.

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Informations sur le produit "JTL-WaWi PIM Connector"

PIM for JTL-WaWi

JTL-WaWi is a free merchandise management system for SMEs with over 35,000 customers. The software takes care of product range maintenance, stock adjustment, order and invoice processing as well as recording of supplier orders and incoming invoices. According to the results of the t3n survey, the JTL WaWi is the most widely used merchandise management software.

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However, the JTL-WaWi is not designed to efficiently manage product information. With a Product Information Management System, the product data is stored in a central database, structured, edited, unified and published on all appropriate channels. A PIM for JTL helps you automate and accelerate product-related processes.

Thanks to AtroPIM, your product data is qualitative, up-to-date and target-oriented. The system is 100% open source, configurable and can be easily adapted to the needs of the user. With AtroPIM you relieve your JTL WaWi of superfluous information that does not necessarily have to do with ordering, warehouse and order management. AtroPIM brings many advantages for users, has a user-friendly interface and is intuitively understandable.

We can provide you with connectors so that your data is automatically transferred to other e-commerce systems ( e.g. Shopware, Magento 1/ 2 or OXID eShop as well as systems of your partners).

There are 3 possible usage scenarios between your JTL WAWI and AtroPIM:

  • One-time import of all data from JTL Wawi
  • One-way synchronization of information from JTL Wawi to AtroPIM
  • Bilateral synchronization of information between JTL Wawi and AtroPIM.

Functions of JTL WaWi PIM Connector at a glance

  • Import/Export of manufacturers
  • Export/Import of categories and sub-categories (more than one category tree if needed)
  • Import/Export of the products
  • Import/Export of product images
  • Import/Export of product prices
  • Import/Export of product variants
  • Import/Export of product options, product features and product attributes and their values
  • Import/export of product descriptions including multilingual content
  • Automatic and manual mapping of entries.

Advantages of JTL WaWi PIM Connector

  • Productivity - increase your productivity through central data maintenance.
  • Ease of use - data exchange is completely automatic.
  • High performance - there is no data volume restriction when transferring product data.
  • Flexibility - our PIM for JTL Wawi can easily be adapted to your needs.
  • Efficiency - Avoid information loss by automating data transfer.

We would be happy to adapt the JTL Wawi PIM Connector to your individual requirements so that you can use the PIM system together with your JTL Wawi as you need it!


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