Microsoft 365 Connector

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Microsoft 365 Connector

Our Microsoft 365 Connector module offers seamless connectivity with Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365), integrating your AtroCore data platform with Microsoft 365 via Microsoft Graph API. We're expanding our integration capabilities to include Microsoft products and services like emails and calendars, enhancing functionality across the board.

Synchronization with SharePoint

  • Automatic updates that make any new file you add to your SharePoint folders instantly appear in AtroCore. This means no more manual syncing of files and folders across platforms.
  • Seamless Transfers: Moving files from one folder to another in SharePoint is not a problem anymore. AtroCore ensures that these changes are reflected instantly, saving you time and effort.
  • Complete consistency between your SharePoint view and what's displayed in AtroCore.
  • Synchronization of both files and folders. This means any changes, including movements within folders, are consistently reflected in both platforms.

This SharePoint integration simplifies and speeds up file management, providing you with a smooth experience across platforms.

Syncing PIM/DAM with SharePoint

Thanks to Microsoft 365 Connector, all your files stored in SharePoint can be transmitted to your AtroCore platform and be managed and used within the AtroPIM Product Information Management system accordingly. You can also systematize and structure videos, images, other digital assets, and media files within a DAM system and synchronize them with your SharePoint for optimized storage and utilization. Additionally, any PDF documents generated within the PIM will be automatically synchronized with SharePoint.

Upcoming Features

  • Contact integration between AtroPIM and Microsoft 365, enabling users to manage and access contact information within the PIM environment.
  • Integration of Microsoft 365 calendar apps like Outlook calendar, Exchange Online calendar, and Microsoft Teams calendar with AtroPIM allows users to schedule, manage, and view events directly within the PIM system.
  • Email integration between AtroPIM and Microsoft 365, facilitating communication and collaboration by synchronizing emails within the PIM environment.
Mircosoft 365

By leveraging the power of Microsoft Graph API, AtroPIM users gain enhanced productivity and collaboration capabilities, streamlined workflows, and increased business efficiency.


Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.


Please contact us, and we will send you the access data for the demo version.