Improve the usability of your AtroCore software for the colleagues and enable them to get the work done more quickly.
Advanced Navigation
License: Purchase
The module allows to group the relations in your navigation menu in order to improve the usability of your AtroPIM system.

Monthly rent: €9.50*
Azure Active Directory SSO
License: Purchase
The module enables single sign-on (SSO) authorization in your AtroCore Application using Azure Active Directory.

Monthly rent: €24.50*
License: Purchase
The module enables the discussions in the activity panel (stream) for each entity in the system.

Monthly rent: €14.50*
License: Rent (monthly)

Ownership Inheritance
License: Purchase
This module allows you to configure the inheritance of the ownership information for selected entities.

Monthly rent: €29.50*
Product Preview
License: Purchase
The module enables you to review all your product data and images, data for a specific channel or in a defined language.

Monthly rent: €19.50*
License: Purchase
The module provides users with the ability to easily work with the change history: view the field changes history and restore previous values.

Monthly rent: €19.50*
License: Free
The module enables to create and manage tasks for any entity in your system.

License: Purchase
The module enables to manually or automatically translate any content.

Monthly rent: €44.50*
License: Purchase
The module enables to implement and manage different processes and actions, triggered by certain events.

Monthly rent: €59.50*