Product Variants

The module enables to create and work with product variants, which are fully-fledged products.


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Product number: 614c7b27830393bb7.1
Product information "Product Variants"

The "Product Variants" module enables to create and work with product variants. A product variant is a fully-fledged product with own attributes, assets, prices, relations etc.

This module adds the possibility to work with product of two types – configurable product and product variant. A configurable product is a product, which can have product variants. One configurable product may have multiple product variants assigned to it. A product variant can be assigned only to one configurable product.

The product variants can be set with or without variant-creating attributes If the product variants are created using the variant-creating (configurable) attributes, the system automatically checks that these values are uniform for each product variant. Product variants created in this way are called multi-dimensional variants. Product variants can inherit the fields values and the attribute values from configurable products.



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