SAP Commerce Cloud PIM Integration

Productinformatie "SAP Commerce Cloud PIM Integration"

PIM for SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce provides a trusted e-commerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction. It provides professional expertise onsite and/or remotely to assist in driving continuous business improvement and/or handling of orchestration and operations of SAP solution landscapes, supporting transformation, implementation, upgrade and operations projects. Still it is not a complete solution for organizing your business processes, preparing, enriching and translation of product information as well as creating and managing your digital assets.

You can use AtroPIM as your central repository for all your product information so that it is qualitative, up-to-date and targeted. Relieve your SAP e-commerce platform of superfluous work processes that have to do with the quality of product data and descriptions. Use our other connectors to automatically transfer your product information to an ERP system like SAP, Oracle or others.

The following usage scenarios between your SAP e-commerce platform and PIM are possible:

  • Unilateral synchronization of product data incl. digital assets from AtroPIM to SAP Commerce Cloud
  • One-time import of all your data from SAP Commerce Cloud to AtroPIM (additional option at extra charge)
  • Bilateral synchronization of order and customer related data between AtroPIM and SAP Commerce Cloud (additional option at extra charge).

Features of the SAP Commerce Cloud PIM Connector

  • Export of the manufacturers and the related data
  • Export categories and sub-categories (even multiple category trees)
  • Export of the product data – product master data, product descriptions, options, product attributes and their values
  • Export of the product variants
  • Export of product images and other digital assets
  • Export of product prices, scale prices, and prices in different currencies for different price profiles (if available in PIM)
  • Export of product relations like cross-selling, up-selling etc.
  • Full support for the multilingual content
  • Full support for multi-store/multi-website functionality
  • Synchronization of the sorting orders – for categories, products, attributes and digital assets
  • and more...


  • Middleware – AtroPIM can be used as a fully-fledged middleware software.
  • No restrictions – there are absolutely no restrictions, any amount of products, synchronizations etc is possible.
  • Full automation – synchronization is done fully automatically and can be executed manually too.
  • Flexibility – the integration will take into account all your specific requirements.
  • Detailed Logs – be informed about all problems with the data synchronization.
  • Any schedule – different synchronization jobs can be executed based on different schedules.
  • Real-time synchronization – possible with the help of “Event-based Jobs” module (at extra charge).

Price for this solution includes:

  • Installation
  • Configuration for the customer-specific needs
  • License for the “Connector” module
  • License for the “Export Feeds: HTTP Request” module
  • License for the “SAP Commerce Cloud Adapter”.

We will gladly implement the SAP Commerce Cloud PIM Connector in accordance with your individual requirements so that you can use our PIM system together with your SAP Commerce Cloud just the way you want!


The SAP Commerce Cloud API is used for data exchange.


SAP Commerce Cloud PIM Connector is a pre-order solution.