Training (per hour)

Product information "Training (per hour)"
We conduct an individual live training via Microsoft Teams for you. In this training the participants learn how to properly configure, adopt and use our software as well as answer all questions.
We offer the following training:
  • Administrator Training
  • User Training


In the respective Training the participants will learn how to:

Administrator Training

User Training

  • manage users and configure access and permissions
  • configure the data model and layouts
  • configure the dashboard and navigation menu
  • add new languages and setup locales
  • update the system
  • install the modules
  • configure measure units
  • manage scheduled jobs
  • configure other system parameters for PIM and DAM system
  • solve problems
  • and much more...
  • properly use the system
  • mass update data
  • search for data and save searches
  • make assignments and communicate with others
  • understand system notifications
  • configure own dashboards
  • use workflows (if any is defined)
  • and much more...

Common Conditions and Features

  • Maximum amount of participants is 8.
  • You will get a full video recording.
  • During the training all questions will be discussed, so please be advised to prepare all your questions in advance.
Stated price is a price per hour, so please choose an appropriate amount of hours you want to book. Usual duration of the Administrator Training is 3 hours.