Shopware PIM Integration

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PIM for Shopware 6

Shopware is a modular online shop system developed in Germany since 2004. It is available as open-source software as well as in commercial editions and offers many interesting features for small and medium-sized online retailers, such as responsive design, shopping worlds, digital publishing, storytelling, advanced filters, etc. Since 2019 there is Shopware in the 6th version.

Use the Product Information Management System AtroPIM as your central repository for all your product information so that it is qualitative, up-to-date and targeted. Relieve your shop system Shopware 6 of unnecessary information that does not necessarily have to do with ordering, warehouse and order management.

The following usage scenarios between your shop system Shopware 6 and PIM are possible:

  • One-time import of all your data from Shopware 6
  • Unilateral synchronization of information from Shopware 6 to AtroPIM
  • Bilateral synchronization of information between Shopware 6 and AtroPIM.

Features of the Shopware PIM Connector

  • Import/Export of the manufacturer
  • Export/Import categories und sub-categories (if necessary, more than one category tree)
  • Import/Export of products
  • Import/Export of product images
  • Import/Export of product prices
  • Import/Export of product variants
  • Import/Export of product options, product features and product attributes and their values
  • Import/Export of product descriptions incl. multilingual content
  • Automatic and manual mapping of entries.

For the data exchange, the Shopware REST API is used, which is extended accordingly by our plugin.


  • Productivity - increase your productivity through centralized data maintenance
  • User-friendliness - the data exchange is completely automatic
  • Performance - there is no restriction on the data volume when transferring the product data
  • Flexibility - our Shopware PIM Connector can be easily adapted to your needs
  • Efficiency - Avoid loss of information by automating data transfer.

We will gladly adapt the Shopware PIM Connector to your individual requirements so that you can use the PIM system together with your Shopware Software just the way you want!


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