Oracle ERP PIM Integration

Product information "Oracle ERP PIM Integration"

PIM for Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP is an end-to-end Software as a service suite that manages enterprise operations. Oracle ERP Cloud is accessible through both public and private cloud implementation and supports hybrid deployment. There are nine different software modules that make up the Oracle ERP Cloud suite: Financials, Procurement, Poject Management, Risk Management and Compiance, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Supply Chain & Manufacturing, ERP Analytics.

An ERP System is not a complete solution for storing and managing of product information. You need a Product Information Management System (PIM) for that. A PIM System for Oracle ERP makes it possible to manage product information centrally acting as a single source of truth. A PIM System is used for product data enrichment, translation and syndication. It can also oversee the management of your product images and other digital assets.

Use AtroPIM as an excellent addition to your ERP system for the management of your product data. AtroPIM has all the necessary features to manage your product-related information and organize the related processes.

You can decide by yourself, which master data to store in which system, which data to synchronize, and where to create the initial product data record.

We also offer connectors to ensure automatic transfer of the prepared product data to your websites, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and others.

The following usage scenarios between Oracle ERP and AtroPIM are possible:

  • One-time import of all your data from Oracle ERP
  • One-way synchronization of information from Oracle ERP to AtroPIM
  • Bilateral synchronization of information between Oracle ERP and AtroPIM.

Features of the Oracle ERP PIM Connector

  • No restrictions!
  • One-way or bilateral master data synchronization
  • Automatic and manual mapping of the entries
  • Import / export of manufacturers
  • Import / export of categories and sub-categories
  • Import / export of products, options, features and attributes
  • Import / export of product images
  • Import / export of product prices
  • Import / export of the product variants
  • and more.

Benefits of the Oracle ERP PIM Connector

  • Productivity - increase your productivity through centralized data maintenance
  • User-friendliness - the data exchange is completely automatic
  • Performance - there is no limit to the data volume when transferring the product data
  • Flexibility - our PIM can be easily adapted to your needs
  • Efficiency - automation of data transmission prevents loss of information.

We will adapt the Oracle ERP PIM Connector to your individual requirements so that you can use the PIM system together with your Oracle Cloud ERP as you need it!


Data exchange is done via REST API for Oracle.


This Oracle Cloud ERP PIM Connector is a pre-order product.