Import Feeds

Product information "Import Feeds"

The "Import Feeds" module enables you to import all the data for any entity in the AtroCore system, link related entities or even create data records for them, e.g. it is possible to import the product data together with the corresponding categories, brands etc. You can create, configure, and use many import feeds. Import feeds use AtroCore REST API, so all the data is automatically validated with the same rules, as if you would create all data records manually.

You can also import assets via provided URL – as relations, as fields and as attributes.

All import jobs are logged. So you can download any of your imported file any time.

In case of errors these are recorded to the error file, which can be downloaded. You can eliminate the errors in it and import this file once again.

There are a lot of configuration posibilities.


The following modules extend the functionality of the import feeds

  • Import Feeds: Rollback – allows to roll back the last import with the full data recovery
  • Import Feeds: Database – allows to import data from MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HANA databases
  • Import Feeds: FTP – allows to import data from CSV, JSON and XML files via FTP Server, also with authorisation
  • Import Feeds: URL – allows to import data from CSV, JSON and XML files via provided URL
  • Import Feeds: HTTP Request – allows to import data via HTTP Request, eg via REST API
  • Connector – orchestrates multiple import and export feeds to automate the complex data exchange


Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.



This module is published under the GNU GPLv3 license.