Export: HTTP Request

Product information "Export: HTTP Request"

This module extends the functionality of the module Export. It enables you to automate data export to external systems like ERPs, Websites, and Online stores. You can use this module also to provide your data to your customers and partners, by using REST APIs or HTTP protocol in general.

Note that you will still need the Export module to be installed. 

After installing this module “HTTP Request” will be added as a Type for your export feed.  

Any data available in AtroCore software can be exported – eg. product data, product images, customer data, delivery data.

To export the data, you need to configure an export feed. Each configured export feed can be executed multiple times and you can always see the log to check for any errors.

Additionally, you can duplicate your export feed configuration as import. This will save you the effort of setting up the Import Feed for the same data structure.

Data can be exported in different formats – CSV, TXT, JSON, XML and even in your own custom format.

Data structure of the data to be exported can be flexibly configured by using our scripting language Twig.

Execution of the export feed can be triggered manually, based on some pre-configured schedule. If you have the Workflows module installed the execution of the export feed can be triggered by some event, like product description being updated.

You have a lot of configuration options to ensure the data is exported exactly in the way expected by the receiving system.


Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.




This module is published under the GNU GPLv3 license.