Product information "Completeness"

The "Completeness" module measures the percentage of the filled required fields that allows you to control and improve the entity records data quality. In addition, it enables saving entity records, in which required fields are left empty. Completeness can be activated or deactivated to any entity in your system.

Please note, without the "Completeness" module installed and activated in your system, saving records without filling in all the required fields is not possible.

Following completeness values are calculated:

  • Total – for all required fields
  • Global – for global required fields
  • Channel-specific – for certain channel
  • Language-specific – for certain language

All completeness values are displayed in the side panel:


The "Completeness" modules adds special dashlets to your dashboards for you to have the full control over the completeness and quality of your data records. These dashlets can be placed anywhere on your dashboard using drag-and-drop.


Completeness values are stored as usual entity fields, so it is possible to use this values in search and find uncompleted data records very quickly.


Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.


Please contact us, and we will send you the access data for the demo version.