Dynamics 365 PIM Connector

Microsoft Dynamics 365 PIM Connector integrates the product information management system AtroPIM with your ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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Product information "Dynamics 365 PIM Connector"

PIM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP system from Microsoft that was developed for use in medium-sized and large companies. The software helps users to simplify financial and project-related processes and to optimize human capital management. Thanks to the system, you can manage your customers, finances, projects and employees in a unified environment. The ERP solution provides many innovative tools that allow you to expand your options and track company performance indicators (KPI) in real time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used cloud-based (on Microsoft Cloud) or on-premises (on your own server).

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Often, however, the ERP systems are overloaded with superfluous product data. In addition, the ERP systems are more tailored to the company's internal processes (e.g. management of finances, storage of article numbers, internal abbreviations, logistics information, etc.).

Therefore, managing product information only with an ERP system can result in product information not always being qualitative, complete and ready for use. In order to keep your Microsoft Dynamics 365 free of irrelevant information and also to ensure efficient product communication, it is worthwhile to use a Product Information Management System as an additional means for managing the product information. With a PIM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get a central database for all product data, where the data is always up-to-date, high-quality and ready for publication via different channels.

Use AtroPIM to maintain your product data efficiently and without great effort. With AtroPIM you can always keep the product information up-to-date, add new products or change existing ones, and publish the current product data on all channels (both online and offline). In addition, AtroPIM also offers numerous functions for data asset management, which enables central image and video management. Thus AtroPIM can be seen as a useful addition to your Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The following usage scenarios between your CMS / ERP and PIM are possible:

  • One-time import of all your data from Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • One-way synchronization of information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to AtroPIM
  • Bilateral synchronization of information between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AtroPIM.

Features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 PIM Connector

  • No restrictions!
  • One-way or bilateral master data synchronization
  • Import / export of manufacturers
  • Export / import categories and sub-categories (more than one category tree if required)
  • Import / export of products
  • Import / export of product images
  • Import / export of product prices
  • Import / export of product variants
  • Import / export of product options, product features as well as product attributes and their values
  • Import / export of product descriptions including multilingual content
  • Automatic and manual mapping of the entries.

Advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 PIM Connector

  • Productivity - thanks to central data maintenance, your productivity is significantly increased
  • Ease of use - the data exchange can be carried out fully automatically
  • Powerful - there is no limitation of the data volume when transmitting the product data
  • Flexibility - it is possible to easily adapt our PIM so that it meets your requirements as closely as possible
  • Efficiency - thanks to the automation of data transfer, none of your information is lost.

If necessary, AtroPIM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector can be easily adapted to your individual requirements. You can use the PIM system together with your ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 exactly as you need it!


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